Sunday, November 20, 2005

The New Apple Ipod

This is testing exactly how accurate the google word verification software is. Will their advertisements in fact be related to the keyword apple ipod. It is quite difficult to tell. Sometime the apple ipod term gets over run by the ambient 'noise' that my surrounding words are causing. If only we had Bose sound-canceling headphones. I wonder what that will do. Now we have bose and apple ipod. What will the sponsored results be? Who knows.


Blogger Seth Priebatsch said...

This does not seem to be changing hte Google Sponsered Listings. Interesting. Apple Ipod and Bose Headphones in fact have nothing to do with the google links. Also a quick trick, if google says they are withholding payment from your account any clicks that are process while they are withholding payment wont get paid to you through paypal, (A subsidiary of Ebay) or a Bank Transfer, or anything in fact. (I use Bank of America.)

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